Grey Dog Consulting are mobile professionals experienced in creating slick enterprise apps

Some of our work below



Working with BSD Studios we created an innovative social media app, fuzr, with privacy at its heart, for organising your social events



Working with IndependenceMarket we created an fully featured e-commerce app, Indy, for ordering food from your phone


With Just Eat we created Orderpad, their in-restaurant app for managing orders


We created our own photo app, photosort, to solve the problem of finding shots in your photo reel quickly

Indy, the e-commerce app for ordering food.


We worked with Indy to extend their sales channels to include a Native app. A fully featured e-commerce app, we take CC and Apple Pay payments through the Stripe payments gateway.


Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 8 Plus - 2018-05-18 at 14.44.28.png
Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 8 Plus - 2018-05-18 at 14.47.07.png
Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 8 Plus - 2018-05-18 at 14.44.12.png

The simplest way to create and keep track of your social meetups


Totally private and in your control, fuzr gives you group messaging and location sharing.



Market leading take-away intermediary Just Eat.


Market leading companies require leading edge tech and we helped Just Eat to create exactly that. Their next generation of in-restaurant apps enable those restaurants to manage and deliver take-away food to their customers using the best technology and UX experience.



Too many photos on your phone? Can't find the one.


Have you ever been in the position where you'd like to share a specific photo from your phone's photo reel but you just cannot find it. We set about solving this problem when we launched photosort.